What makes us so successful at this or rather, what makes the machine run?? The fact that we use the best of the best here in the swimsuit photography capital of the world, SOUTH BEACH! First, we start by having the best backdrop for any photo and that is the 64-million dollar newly renovated Clevelander Hotel and their sister hotel next door, the Essex House. These places by virtue of design or luck were BUILT for this type of program. With the Art-Deco Preservation Society in full-effect here in South Florida, the buildings and their little curves and colors make for the perfect swimsuit scene! With a very long-standing and concrete relationship with this hotel group, it sets us above and beyond everything!

Next, no calendar is going to come out the right way unless you have the proper lighting, make-up artist, and of course, PHOTOGRAPHER!! We are very lucky to work closely with people like Danny Steyn, South Florida's most renown swimsuit, nude, and glamour photographer with his resume sighting publications such as Maxim, Playboy, Penthouse, and the list goes on! His eye for capturing the each model in the most beautiful way possible is second to none and we are once again lucky to be working with him. If for some reason Danny is scheduled for something already or their is a conflict in any way, we do have a number of additional photographers who can step up and replace him. We will let you know if Danny is available for your target date and if not, provide you with resumes of other reputable individuals, most recommended by Danny himself.

After that and what many people do not expect or even consider at times, but a highlight video brings so much credibility to the photoshoot and we won't have a shoot without that aspect! B3 Media House, another local South Florida production company has been providing this quality product for us for the last two years. It's a phenomenal "teaser" to the launch of the calendar and if you have an establishment or website that allows you to promote this video, it can only enhance and maximize your current marketing program.

Finally, three of the founding members of the design of the calendar all live here, just blocks from the Clevelander. This means that the entire time your shoot is taking place, someone from our organization is on-hand to make it happen and to "think on our feet" if any situation calls for it. Your weekend will run smooth and you will feel confident in knowing that your entire calendar production is in the hands of people who have done it before and done it well.

Current Customers

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