Craig "Quimby" Chenosky

If there is anyone that has no real business being here, it's me!  And if you can't tell, I will be your comic relief over the course of the weekend.  The Deep Blue Calendar has been seven years in the making and I can't tell you how excited I am to watch it unfold.  Besides that, I do have a distinguished resume in event planning specifically in the travel industry.  For the past decade, I have created and implemented some of the largest NFL Road Trips for fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens, and Jacksonville Jaguars.  I excel at making sure when business is over, the time you have to unwind and decompress are packed with the most fun you could possibly have in a city that may not be familiar and if it is, you'll know the spots I've chosen are where you want to be.

After twelve years of running live and online bikini contests, five years ago, with the help of my best friend Tony Palmer, I started producing swimsuit calendars.  In addition to that, Tony and I along with the Clevelander staff will be in charge of security and making sure all of you feel comfortable during all of your shoots and everything else we have created for you.  In essence, if you need anything at all outside of modeling, you find one of us.  If there is something I can do to help you at any point in time during the shoot, I've got ya' covered.  Photographers, when someone says you can't shoot there, I'll make sure you can.  When no one else can get it done or make it happen, I will!

Thank you for participating in what we so animatedly believe in!