Javier Hernandez

Javier is a Miami native and also travels the world shooting exotic locations with amazing models. Photography has made him tap into a world of limitless possibilities. Once he picked up a camera he couldn't put it down. Javier started out with landscaping photography as a hobby. Then he moved on to shooting models and glamour/bikini magazines. It was an amazing experience that became a business.

He enjoys what he does very much and always love to work with like-minded individuals who share his passion. Javier loves to meet new people and capture amazing images that they would never expect. Recently he has moved into the world of fitness and has developed a new vision for the human body. His work can be seen through many social media platforms as well as many publications and websites. He believes that pictures should not just be beautiful but it should be interesting. Anyone can take a picture, but not everyone can create an emotion and a thought to go along with that picture.

Contact Info

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