Spring 2013 Video Spring 2013 Gallery

Welcome to the SoBe Shootout - An All-In-One Modeling Revolution!

FULL model packages include:
  • Round-trip direct flight from Philadelphia to Ft. Lauderdale International
  • Charter bus service to and from the Clevelander from Ft. Lauderdale International
  • 4-night accommodations at the Clevelander or Essex House (first 20 models signed up will have their choice)
  • Complete access to all grounds of Clevelander and Essex House hotels for purposes of photos and portfolio building

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  • Complimentary energy buffet Friday and Saturday in 1020 Lounge at the Clevelander
  • Option to compete for the title of Miss SoBe Fall 2013 and Temptris Sunday at the Clevelander
  • Everyone attending will be included in our 2014 SoBe Shootout Swimsuit Calendar